About the band

“There is plenty of space for the music and the next does seem to bring in something a little more progressive, but they seem to flirt with it. The end result is really tight, so who cares what the tag is?” – “The Rocktologist”, 2019

“A new Next Door To Heaven’s album is a great fuel for all fans of solid progressive sound as impressive as Tesseract, After The Burial and Betraying The Martyrs have.” – “Bunker magazine”, 2019

“Die russischen Bandmitglieder von NEXT DOOR TO HEAVEN nehmen ihre Hörer auf ihrem zweiten Album „V Ways To Accept“ auf eine emotionale Reise mit.” – “Stormbringer”, 2019

«”Depression II: Mistaking” und “Depression III: Illusion” – Zwei Meisterwerke. Auch diese Songs reissen einen mit unglaublicher Atmosphäre in ihren Bann.» – “Kobzr” , 2019

“Se vi ritenete cultori ed amanti dell’heavy metal come era una volta, prima che lo trasformassero in un teatro delle marionette, un ascolto è d’obbligo. Ma un ascolto attento.” – “Metal.it”, 2019

Next Door To Heaven was formed in St.Petersburg on September,1 2014. The band was found by Eugene Mazunov (music, guitar, bass guitar, back vox) and Daria Mazunova ( vox and lyrics). Next Door To Heaven plays progressive/alternative metal and post grunge (1st album). Next Door To Heaven’ s debut album was released on March, 30 2016.
In August 2016 Next Door To Heaven opened the concert of RED in St.Petersburg.
„Exit Station“ was released in November 2016.
Since that the music of the band can be heard on few radio stations in UK,US,Canada.
Single „Out of the fire“ has been released in April 2017.
“Starry sky” was released on December,23 2017.
A brand new song was released in September 2018, it’s called “Light”. The song has more power in it, the band keeps on working to improve the sound of their songs. Mixing and mastering was made by a great sound engineer – Henrik Udd.
The band has just released their second album on June, 25 via Sliptrick records and have just come back from the first European tour.